Wine Cellar

Kluge/Trump Estate Winery and Vineyards

Charlottesville, VA, 2003

30’ x 12’ x 100’ Hy-Span Bridge on 4 lf cast in place knee-walls

Considering options for a proposed storage facility, Charlottesville based Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards and their contractor turned to Permatile Concrete Products Company for their solution.  Having previously built an above-ground facility to house large casks of Kluge Wine, Kluge Estate realized the overwhelming long-term cooling and maintenance costs associated with the above ground building.  Turning to Permatile for a quick an economical solution to the problem, Permatile designers recommended the use of Hy-Span bridge sections to build the 30’ x 12’ x 100’ below-ground storage facility thus utilizing the thermal properties of concrete in underground situations.  The HY-Span sections were delivered to the jobsite and installed on top of a four foot knee wall poured by Kluge’s contractor.  The structure was enclosed using four large precast end slabs, one of which contained a large arched door opening.  Fighting rain and snow, the precast structure was in place in less than three days – just another advantage of precast construction!  The HY-Span precast system gave the contractor an excellent product, delivered on time and ready to install immediately.  A slightly higher initial investment gave Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyards an unmatched underground wine storage facility – complete with the constant temperatures and excellent thermal properties required to produce premier wines – and the opportunity to realize significant savings from reduced cooling and maintenance costs long term.