Box Culvert

Precast box culvert has long been recognized as a way to speed up the construction of DOT, civil, and commercial projects. Recently, this advantage has been enhanced with the introduction of the Complete Precast Box Culvert System by Permatile Concrete Products Company. Permatile manufactures precast box culvert in single or monolithic multiple cell sections. With the advent of new technology, double and triple cell boxes can now be manufactured in one monolithic unit with laying lengths up to eight feet, thereby eliminating the cost and time intensive installation of multiple lines of single cell boxes. Permatile’s precast box culverts may also be skewed in most cases to meet the project requirements.

Precast Concrete
Bristol Motorsports Tunnel

In addition to precast barrel sections, this system also provides precast components for construction of scour walls, wing walls, and headwalls allowing the complete culvert system to be built in the controlled environment of our factory, transported to the jobsite, and installed on prepared bedding in a fraction of the time required for conventional cast-in-place construction.

Designs meet or exceed the following:

  • ATSM C-789, C-850
  • AASHTO M-259, M-273
  • AREA Cooper E-80
  • DOT Specifications
  • HS20, HS25, HL-93 and Alt. Military Live Loads