Traffic Barriers

Permatile Concrete Products Company precast concrete pin and loop connecter barriers meet or exceed applicable specifications and are approved for use on State and Federal highway projects. Special designs are available.

Whether you need strong, attractive barriers that seamlessly integrate with existing landscaping or the strength and reliability of traditional traffic control barriers, Permatile can provide strong, effective security to meet your needs.

F-type Barrier
  • MB-7D PC Traffic Barrier Service Concrete in 10’ and 20’ lengths
  • MB-9A PC Precast Concrete Median Barrier Terminal Section in 12’ lengths
  • MB-10A Traffic Barrier Service Concrete Parapet, Single Face in 10’ and 20’ lengths
  • MB-11A Traffic Barrier Service Concrete Parapet Double Face in 10’ and 20’ lengths
  • WVDOH Traffic Barrier in 12’ lengths



We Have It In Stock! And we stock barrier lifting devices!

We stock for immediate shipment…”F” Style barrier in 20′ lengths, (10′ lengths available for turns) with Pin and Eye Connectors.