Roanoke River Greenway Bridge

Triple 40’ span x 8’ rise with 30 degree skew Hy-Span Bridge

Virginia Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Fish America Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service

City of Roanoke, VA and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, 2010

The upper low-water bridge on Wiley Drive in Roanoke, VA had spanned the Roanoke River with nine small round culverts and concrete apron for more than 50 years.  Connecting three public parks, it is a vital link in the new Roanoke River Greenway.  Its closed design was an impediment to fish passage and recreational boaters and often hindered flood flow during heavy rainstorms.

The City of Roanoke, along with other project partners wanted to provide with the most economical and hydrologically efficient design for the bridge.  They chose the Hy-Span bridge because its rigid structure design allowed for excellent hydraulics and under bridge clearance and did not require backfill.  The 120 lf crossing was completed with a triple span bridge consisting of 24 total bridge units.  Each of the three sections of bridge was built with eight units of 40’ span x 8’ rise rigid frame span on a 30-degree skew. The sections were post tensioned and grouted and pavement was placed directly on top of the structure.  Installation took place in the water during the month of February with total installation time for the precast concrete bridge sections being three work days.